From the Desk of the President

Peggi working on the pool
Peggi working on the pool

The water temperature in the neighborhood pool was down in the fifties so we decided to close the pool this weekend. As current presidents we made the call and emailed our neighbors to be down at the pool at 9:30 this morning. We took the diving board off and put it in the pump house. We threw some Algaecide in the water and put the cover on. We put the chairs and tables in a pile and covered them with a tarp and then drained the pump.

We were basically done and I was ready to go back home at 10:30 and have some breakfast but Jared was itching to get going on a project that we said we would do in the fall. Next thing you know I was swinging a sledgehammer at the sidewalk so we could repair a leak in the hose that ran back to the pipe. We took about ten trips back to the house pick up tools and Peggi, Jared and I drove to Home Depot to pick up some concrete and plastic plumbing parts. We stuck the parts together and had to come to clean up in time be out at Alice and Julio’s for dinner at six.


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  1. Peggi is sooo cool! I’m adding this shot to my collection of the one where she’s on drugs and kicking ass on that piece of HEAVY MACHINERY on which she should not be – and the much-anticipated “Paul’s Favorite Shot of Peggi.”

    Speed the day!

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