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Duane sent us this link to his newest video, one he did for “Juggler” from Margaret Explosion’s latest 45. He takes the the light side of the single and goes dark on us, enriching the music twofold. It’s a total knockout.

We finished Netflix Season 3 of “Breaking Bad” last night and spent some time today with extras at the iTunes store. In that spirit I posted some of Duane’s comments on the making of “Juggler” below.

“The camera is shooting 10 sec clips and turning them into 40 sec slo-mo’s internally. So those little swaying camera moves were actually happening fast.  And those swinging planes that sailed by within inches of the camera were really going fast. On another take, I jumped back suddenly, thinking I was about to get hit. Shot at Coney Island till they closed. Back home I came to the shot of the swinging chairs and immediately decided that shot was the opening w/o even seeing the rest. It dictated the whole feel & path. The machines are juggling people. The life we lead juggles us, we learn to be juggled by it from childhood onward. It all fit. I started seeing it all this way and it basically assembled itself. I made a choice not to ride any of the rides, to keep the point of view objective vs subjective. But I’m dying to go back at nite & just ride the rides.”


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  1. Wow, watched this with my coffee this morning- a perfect segue from sleep to awakening. Quite amazing how the people seem to have little to do with it. They are passive when slowed down and silenced. Except that standing man at the end who is like a gothic statue observing.
    Beautiful Duane. And I always thought ME was a soundtrack to something happening somewhere. You found it.

  2. As I sat down to watch Juggler with my son Eli I realized that I was the same age as he when I first heard and saw Peggy and Paul perform. What a gift to watch the melding of fantastic sound and sight by Duane and Margaret Explosion with my fifteen-year-old. Thank you to all artists involved for the making of a chill mother/son moment.

  3. That was incredible. The spinning, swirling, ups and downs; the colors, the lights and darks… sound and vision becoming equivalent. I liked the empty rides throughout and then the surprisingly haunting images of the single riders towards the end in the distant dark. Bravo!

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