Destroyed In America

Junkyard cars off Lyell Avenue in Rochester, New York
Junkyard cars off Lyell Avenue in Rochester, New York

It’s hard to tell what people do downtown. I mean what kind of work goes on in an office these days that couldn’t be done by an automated program or by someone at home with an internet connection? I drove out West Ridge Road this morning and then south on Mount Read over to Lyell Avenue where I picked up some stainless steel rods from Triple A Welding. Out there it’s pretty easy to see what people do for a living. Mount Read is full of trucks moving equipment and supplies up and down. Large manufacturing facilities line both sides of the street. Although a ghost of its former self Kodak still has cars and trucks moving on its internal highway and smoke billowing from its stacks. AAA Welding has great big stainless steel food processing tanks out in their lot. People make things out here.

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  1. I’m seeing signs that manufacturing is coming bk to the USA. What can you invest in, to really clean up when this happens on a big scale?

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