Starting Over

Paul Dodd "Homeless Kids" group shot in basement studio
Paul Dodd “Homeless Kids” group shot in basement studio

I took photos of these local homeless kids a few years ago. One of them was sixteen and pregnant. I’ve painted them in oil and I painted them again in opaque watercolor. And then I drew them in charcoal on craft paper. The ones shown above are charcoal on drawing paper, multiple versions of six kids. I’m still working on a few but am preparing to move on to another project. Then I’ll photograph these drawings properly and put them in a drawer.


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  1. They all have exactly the same expression. Eyes. The hardest part of any portrait. In southeast Asia there are artists whose only work is to paint the eye expression on images of the Buddha. I’ve been writing about this and as a result looking at eyes in art a lot. Girl With A Pearl Earring kind of thing.

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