Broom Clean To Show

White lawn jockey, Rochester New York
White lawn jockey, Rochester New York

This year Kentucky Derby Day presents a dilema. Do we go down to O’Laughlin’s to wager a bet, watch the 2 minute race and gaze out at the sailboats or do we dress even warmer and cheer the WNY Flash on in their first home game? It was much warmer in Kentucky when watched the race in person while on our first date.

We watched as the lawyer led my parents through the final steps of transferring the title of their house to the new owners. It needs to be “broom clean” and we have to find the garage door opener and she asked if we had a carbon monoxide detector. I said, “We did until I gave it to the church a few hours ago.” I unplugged it and put in one of the last boxes to go. It went off in my hand and was as loud as hell until I found the little button on the back. As Paster Jack was putting the last few boxes in the truck it went off again and I’m laughing just thinking about looking at him holding that thing in his hands while the alarm was going off.

Now, I’m wondering. Do I send the new owners the video I made of my parents and me putting the awnings up?


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  1. i tell my friends i was there when secretariat won and nobody believes me, i was starting to doubt myself

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