Pre Verbal

Stephan Crump"s Rosetta Trio at Bop Shop in Rochester, New York
Stephan Crump”s Rosetta Trio at Bop Shop in Rochester, New York

My parent’s realtor recommended the Bethel Church as someone who could take the remainders from last weekends’ garage sale so I called Pastor Jack and arranged to meet him at my parent’s old house this afternoon. He was going to round up a crew but that must not have worked out. The crew consisted of his wife so in three hours we were able to fill his truck and flatbed trailer with remainders. I have no idea what the church does with all this stuff but they will take almost anything. I’m meeting them there tomorrow morning for a second load. Praise the lord.

Stephan Crump, bass player with Rochester native, Vijay Iyer’s Trio, brought his hard-grooving all-string Rosetta Trio to the Bop Shop tonight. Featuring guitarists Liberty Ellman and Jamie Fox the trio leaves plenty of space for the bass maestro while the guitarists work their magic. This was close your eyes and get transported stuff, achingly beautiful, melodic and rhythmic as hell. Crump knocked us out with a pretty number called “He Runs Circles” from his new cd which was inspired by his four year old’s pre verbal method of showing affection.

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