Matisse The Master

Matisse Prints Show at MAG in Rochester, New York
Matisse Prints Show at MAG in Rochester, New York

Someday the artist statement, the placards, the descriptions of the process, the photos of the artist and the back story will be a bigger percentage of the show than the work. Art educators and museum directors, responsible for the turnstile head count, are getting more aggressive. One way to work around this studied presentation is to start the show at the exit. This view knocked me out.

When Matisse’s artwork is in the house just get out of the way. The drawing, his life’s work, speaks for itself. Watch Matisse capture and portray form in an ever more essential, direct and wildly expressive display. “Matisse As Printmaker,” currently on view at the MAG, is a pure delight.

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  1. I was at the Met watching the people with the tour gizmos wandering around like sheep. I liked the French group walking with a guide who sounded (from what I could interpret) like she really knew her stuff.
    I like the backwards idea. ‘Curation’ has become like ‘content’- a meaningless trope.

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