Detours In Space

Sunset at Trata in the old Culver Road Armory, Rochester New York
Sunset at Trata in the old Culver Road Armory, Rochester New York

We usually park off Lyell Ave. on Verona or one of those side streets that lead up to the soccer stadium but last night that section of Lyell was completely blocked off with flashing cop cars so we parked in front of Sanda’s Saloon. After the game we decided to cruise down Lake Avenue, Lou Graham style, but when we got to Lake and Ridge the intersection was blocked by firetruck. There were a few ambulances attending to bodies in the street and some cars in unusual positions so we had to take Dewy down toward the lake. On the way across Lakeshore Boulevard we ran into a barricade near the beach. Turns out they were holding the Soap Box Derby this weekend on that hill, the same one they used when I was a kid, so we took the aptly named Kings Highway up to Titus. It was the beautiful night for detours.

I can’t imagine a worse day for a lecture inside a darkened hall. It was gorgeous out today, crystal clear and warm, but Fred Lipp packed the place for his talk on space in the Bausch & Lomb room of the Memorial Art Gallery. The talk based on depicting space in two dimensions, was brilliant. Having helped with the visuals we found it invigorating and only felt somewhat cheated because Fred didn’t have as much time to go over the carefully chosen paintings as he did when he was putting the show together. At the end of the slideshow a gentleman in the back stood up, thanked Fred and reminded him that it was bright sun outside. Fred did not miss a beat and said, “But it is illuminated in here.”

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