I Used To Chop Parsley

Mary Gauthier at Lovin Cup in Rochester, New York
Mary Gauthier at Lovin Cup in Rochester, New York

We don’t have any Mary Gauthier music but then everybody has YouTube so we watched a couple of videos. “I Drink” kicks ass and “Mercy Now,” in the same vein, sounded good so we headed out to the Lovin’ Cup to check her out. We were hoping she would be playing with the violin player from the video but that didn’t happen. Still Mary holds her own. She’s a real pro and part of the Nashville establishment now having just performed at the Opry. She has her work cut out for her to outdo “I Drink” but then, don’t we all have our work cut out for us?

Someone behind the bar was making a racket during her encore, “Mercy Now.” I was thinking it sounded like a woodpecker. Mary stopped the song and said, “I used to chop parsley.”

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