Make It Funke

Love It Or Leave Flag Decal 1969
Love It Or Leave Flag Decal 1969

Rich Funke’s website starts with this headline. “Good Morning sports fans, thanks for coming out:” My father put it this way. “It’s gotta be tough competing against a sportscaster.” Rich Funke lawn signs are everywhere. Nevermind that Ted O’Brien has admirably represented us in the NY State Senate and has boldly stood up for the environment. Funke says. “I’m not a politician.” That’s great. So how is he going to get anything done?

Mr. Funke came to our door but we were not home to experience him in person. When he stopped at our neighbor’s place Jared was up on his roof, relaxing in the sun. He had a bird’s eye view of the Funke hairpiece. My friend, Frank, has some politically astute reasons to just say, “No thanks.”

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  1. You prefer a liar and pure politician like Obrien who campaigned as a gun owner, hunter and 2nd amendment advocate, then voted for the safe act on his 1st day on the job?
    terrible Ted deserves to be fired, and he will be, by a jock in a hairpiece. Cry me a friggin river.

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