Pots & Pans

Dock on Genesee River near Turning Point Park
Dock on Genesee River near Turning Point Park

One of my mother’s hobbies was arranging the furniture in our house. She has a great eye and good taste and the rearrangements were often startling in their inventiveness. Sometimes they only lasted a few days. Noel, the cafe manager at the Little Theater, sent us an email last night Informing us that Margaret Explosion would be playing at the other end of the room. Apparently they’ve moved the grand piano and the whole space has been reoriented. Tonight I plan to set my drums up close enough to the dishwasher’s room to be able to incorporate the the pots and pans in my kit.

Listen to Ode To Joy by Margaret Explosion. The cover graphic is by the German Expressionist, Ernst Barlach.
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