En Plein Air

Bay bridge from Avondale Road in Autumn
Bay bridge from Avondale Road in Autumn

We walked up to Wegman’s and stopped by our bank to get some cash. We bought a Ritual Trio cd last night and that cleaned me out. We are not yet living in a cashless society but we are headed there. We needed basil for an Asian soup recipe but when we got home we discovered we needed broth as well so Peggi made another trip. I continued my ongoing project of photographing the watercolors that my father left in his flat file cabinet, the flat file cabinet that is sitting right behind me as I write this. This scene above, from a walk the other day, is something my father would have painted. I’d like to try that, “en plein air.”

On First Friday we stopped by Axom Gallery and looked at their new show. We bought a owl from their home furnishings section. Robin Muto runs that. And while we stood in line to pay Peggi asked if they owned the adjacent loft space. Robin told us that was Rick’s space. She said they call it “the abyss.” We had to see that. Rick showed us a wall of en plein air paintings that he had done and they were beautiful, much nicer than this photo above.

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