Both Ends

Subtle Lake Ontario colors in winter
Subtle Lake Ontario colors in winter

We didn’t walk along the lake today and I missed it. The sand, the water, the sky. These three elements in combination never look the same from one day to the next. This view, the way it looked yesterday, is at both ends of the spectrum between subtle and dramatic. The dark purple at the horizon, the pink just before it and the torquoises before it. The dirty snow and grey brown sand bring out the red in the branches. And the sky, on an overcast day in the middle of February is the stuff Agnes Martin and Mark Rothko played with.

I used a photo of the horizon on the the lake for the cover of “Disappear,” the title song of Margaret Explosion’s “Disappear” cd. Curiously, the song is not on the cd. It was recorded after the Disappear cd was released. Margaret Explosion returns to the Little Theatre Café on Wednesdays in March.

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  1. I did manage to walk along the lakefront yesterday. Gun metal water and a gusty, warm offshore breeze raking the surface, otherwise calm. Agree on the Rothko analogy. Shore, water, sky, boundaries not as clear and sharp as summer and winter. Hope you get down there this morning.

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