Mini City

3D model of 148 Huntington Hills South

Our neighbor has a 3D printer and the skills and patience to do an architectural drawing of his house in a CAD-like program. He fed the drawing to his printer and created this train set scale model of his Don Hershey home. He has printed a number of accessories from public domain files as well like a to-scale model of his dog. I’m wondering how we fit into his Mini City.

You’d think we’d be excited by the foot of snow we got last night but we need cold temperatures on the side. This stuff is so heavy and sticky it is good for only one thing. Snowmen. We trudged through the woods and up to the park. There were so many branches hanging low, laden with snow, and small trees bent over under the weight that we could hardly find the trail. There is something exhilarating about being disoriented. We wound up off trail about half the time and the woods was all new.

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