Dramatic Intersection

Intersection of the Erie Canal and the Genesee River
Intersection of the Erie Canal and the Genesee River

Rivers don’t cross one another at right angles. But a river and a man-made canal can and they do just south of downtown Rochester. You are looking west from one of the beautiful, arched, concrete bridges in Frederick Law Olmstead’s Genesee Valley Park. The canal runs across the state, and the river, coming from the left in this photo, flows north to Lake Ontario. This is a really dramatic intersection.

We have shifted gears and are now wearing only the gear we will be bringing on our walking trip. I feel like we are already on the walking trip but it doesn’t start for another thirty days. So, no more layers of cotton clothing. We have been outfitted in man-made high-tech gear. Our friend, Olga, who has a keen fashion sense, works part time at REI so we texted her for her hours and then stopped in the store on Tuesday night to take her recommendations.

I came home with a SmartWool base-layer top, some Royal Robins pants, a 100% Polyester Pantagonia Fleece lightweight jacket and my favorite item, a cool Kuhl rain jacket. Oh, and then we bought hats to keep the rain and sun away. They are too goofy looking to link to.

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