Gracias Por La Luz

Stone masons restoring an old house in a small town along the Camino de Santiago
Stone masons restoring an old house in a small town along the Camino de Santiago

Peggi has received quite a few compliments on her use of the Spanish language. It is a delight for me to see people light up when she engages them. They look at me funny when I order “dos zumo de naranja.” They usually will confirm the order. “Dos?” “Si. Dos.”

So far we have stayed in hotels, hostals, albergues, pensions, and Casa Rurales. Last night we stayed in a place that was listed as a bed and breakfast. We found it on the Apple map program and booked by phone as we walked into town. When we arrived at the place in Palas de Rei we asked about the breakfast and the proprietor told us there was no breakfast included.

We found a grocery store and bought oranges, bananas and yogurt, room temperature yogurt that was just on the shelves rather than in a cooler, and made a breakfast out of that. We stopped for coffee in a place on the way out of town and followed a young Spanish couple who were lighting the trail with their cell phone until the sun came up.

By eleven thirty we were settled in at a Pulporía in Melide, the halfway point for the day, having dos cañas y pulpo y pan. By three in the afternoon we were already at our destination, a relatively easy day. We ordered lentil soup at the place across from our room and it came with big chucks off pork in it. So many of our friends are vegetarians and I can’t imagine how they they would fare here. Every time you look at a tapa there is chorizo or jamón involved.

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