Una Mas Torta De Santiago

Peggi walking the Camino de Santiago near Triacastela, Espana
Peggi walking the Camino de Santiago near Triacastela, Espana

Spanish may be the loving tongue but English is the common tongue. I get a kick out of listening to two people, neither a native English speaker, try to converse in English because the two do not speak each other’s language. I wish I had some other languages to fall back on. Studying Latin and French in High School has not helped me in that regard.

We waited for the coffee shop in Ribadiso to open and then left in the dark for Pedrouzo. We had read that a lot of people jump on the Camino for the last few days and we really like it when we have our own space. Even though we stopped a few more times for coffee, Tortilla and juice, we did have our own pocket to travel in and the stone and tree lined paths today were especially beautiful.

In town we asked a local woman if she could recommend a restaurant and she looked both ways and pointed to one. Peggi asked her if it was good and she said it was pilgrim food and she lifted her hand and turned her wrist back and forth, the international sign for so so. We are pilgrims so went and saw a couple of local men sitting next to us eating a chick pea soup. We asked them what it was and ordered that and a salad. We both had Torta de Santiago, the almond cake with powdered sugar sprinkled on top, except where the cross of Santiago pattern was while the sprinkling took place.

We are now only one day out of Santiago de Compostela, the destination for millions of pilgrims before us. We plan to get up with the roosters again tomorrow and maybe arrive before the noon pilgrim mass. If we are lucky they will swing the Botafumero, the big incense burner.

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