Tonic Party Tonight

Autumn tree pruning in the Town of Irondequoit
Autumn tree pruning in the Town of Irondequoit

What a treat, coming back to Rochester for the peak of Fall colors.

We walked down to the lake yesterday and over to our polling place in the Point Pleasant Fire House. Our friend, Kathy, lives near there and she votes up at East High. On our way home we noticed people voting at the Church of the Transfiguration, right at our corner. Does this have something to do with voter suppression?

Groceries were in order today. We walked along the Sea Breeze Way up to Amans on Culver. We usually go in the back door there and then out the front so we can check out the local produce before heading to Wegmans. The place is no longer open air. There was only one shopper in there and a new worker who asked us if she could help us. Outside the shrubs and small trees were all 75% off, their gardens were turned under, firewood was on display and the pumpkins were marked down. Nothing waits for you when you leave town but it is all good.

Margaret Explosion plays the Little Theater Café tonight.
Listen to Tonic Party by Margaret Explosion.

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  1. I vote at Transfiguration. I’ve found it odd that your voting place is so near my home, and my site is so near yours. When I moved, and officially changed my address at the county office building, I asked the clerk about this…she shrugged…!

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