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Blurry Autumn trees from train
Blurry Autumn trees from train

While we were in Spain we got a message from the PopWars server that read, “Our performance monitoring system noticed that your account hit its memory limits. When you hit these limits, our system temporarily stops the related web processes, slowing performance.” Could it be because I was still using the default WordPress theme, something Google kept warning me was non-responsive? We bit the bullet and updated the php version, the theme and the plug-ins and then we moved the blog to the root folder of the site. No more, just will do it. It was quite an undertaking.

Peggi and I spent the better part of the last five days researching templates, plug-ins and ways to tweak the code. Peggi did all the heavy lifting, using an outdated version of Dreamweaver, the hosting control panel and custom code in the child theme and additional css panel. I was afraid to touch it until now.

Everything works better than ever and it should be compliant for a few months but I’m waiting for one strange behavior to get sorted out. If you try to go to the old address ( you are immediately sent to a post of mine from 2014 (

Is it because I have the word “blog: in the title? Why didn’t it pick other posts of mine like “Face2Face Blogging,” “Pimping My Blog,” “Takin’ Care of Blog Biz,” “Can I Comment On My Own Blog?” or “Trapped In My Blog.”

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