Amplification Of The Human Body

Luis Herrera Guevara self portrait 1943 MoMA
Luis Herrera Guevara self portrait 1943 MoMA

Ran into Doug Rice in MoMA today and had a free-range chat. We were just wrapping up a whirlwind tour, truncated by the closing time message in a UN stew of languages. Spent most of our allotted time with Miro’s “Birth of the World” show. And then a sprint through “Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern,” a collection of work showcasing the New York City Ballet’s cofounder’s influence on MoMA and art. Some beautiful Gaston Lachaise drawings and this Guevara self-portrait.

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  1. If you’re still there, go to the uptown Gagosian gallery on Madison for Steve Martin’s show of contemporary aboriginal art. I’m going on Tuesday. And the Whitney Biennial, but I’m guessing you saw that.

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