No Low-Ballers

Red 1963 V8 Automatic Rambler for sale
Red 1963 V8 Automatic Rambler for sale

For $3800 you get a “drivable project.” What more could you ask for?

Most years we have our garden in by now but this is not most years. It has been cold and rainy. We planted lettuce seeds a few weeks ago and only a few sprouted. They were last year’s seeds. The spinach seeds were old too but they are up. And we have a few cilantro volunteers from last year.

We had dinner at the Little tonight before our gig. Band gets half price there. It was so crowded the week before the voices almost drowned out our recording but this week there was some breathing room and the band sounded better.

Between sets we talked to a friend who is organizing a “Creative Journaling” workshop, something for women only in a “safe” environment. I made the mistake of asking why it was for woman only and then just quickly realized it was because of manly questions like mine.

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  1. Sometimes I think I’m the only writer that doesn’t keep a journal. I save my writing energy for writing stuff for work, fiction, or Medium. But I guess journaling is self-therapy…

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