Big Ass Truck Messages

Big ass truck with obnoxious bumper stickers at Town Hall
Big ass truck with obnoxious bumper stickers at Town Hall

While I worked to crop this just right in camera I realized the owner was sitting behind the wheel. He was wearing a cowboy hat. I braced for a conversation but none came. If you’re a glutton for punishment or perhaps you’re wondering where the other side is coming from you can click on this photo for clarity. The “AMAC” sticker at bottom left is the weirdest. The Association of Mature American Citizens.

We stopped by to visit our neighbor this afternoon. Peggi made some corn bread for him. I’ve talked about him before. We see him out walking his dog while wearing his MAGA hat. He was cleaning his leaf blower, a Toro model just like ours, and cut some of his fingers off. He’s the nicest guy but we don’t talk politics.


3 Replies to “Big Ass Truck Messages”

  1. Fingers=karma.
    These people are racists. I’ve had it. No tolerance at all. They’re not nice humans, they are scared animals who feel cornered. Cornered animals are extremely dangerous, including your ‘nice’ neighbor. They no longer see that you, who disagrees with virtually everything they believe, are actually humans just like them. When we agree to disagree with fascism and racism, we are complicit.

  2. I agree a little with Martin. They do feel cornered, and frightened and are full of fear. I see many men in the 315 in tats and leather vests proving that they are Bad As Hell and they make me laugh — I think of Billy Eilish’s Bad Guy. Have learned however, to keep that to myself

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