Hey DJ

Record store in Madrid
Record store in Madrid

Tom Kohn at the Bop Shop asked me to dj a set on Record Store Day. I have the first slot, noon to one, and I discovered how fast an hour will go when I put this set together last night.

Last Poets This Is Madness
Ornette Friends and Neighbors
Silver Apples Oscillations
Suicide Ghost Rider
James Brown Funky President
Bo Diddley Ooh Baby
James Blood Ulmer Are You Glad Tao Be In America
Margaret Explosion Juggler
Miles Davis Miles Runs The Vodoo Down
Peggy Lee Fever
David Essex Rock On
Beach Boys Do It Again
Marvin Gaye Got To Give It Up
Donna Summer I Feel Love


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  1. Fever and Rock On — sounds like childhood in the seventies. The parents were playing Fever, the children were playing David Essex. Thank you for the memories

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