No Eggs

Our drive through graces from Wegman's.
Our drive through Instacart groceries from Wegman’s.

NYS prison laborers are making hand sanitizer to keep up with demand. I read an article about how dangerous the grocery store is. The place to go if you want the virus. It fed my suspicions of live shopping. Instead of going in Wegman’s we used their Instacart service and drove up there to pick up the items they had in stock. I was surprised how long an online order takes to fill. Our wait was just over two days.

Our shopper texted us when she began filling the order. They had no dried beans, no canned beans, no beans of any variety. She sent us a photo of the empty shelves. Organic brown eggs. Forget about it. We texted back. “OK, any large eggs.” She texted back, “We have no eggs.”

Out walking today we saw groups of teens. A cluster of girls that wouldn’t give us space on the boardwalk in the park. We had to hold our breath as we passed by. They’re out of school and hanging with their friends. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t have taken any of this seriously at that age.

Our friend Kathy walked by our house this afternoon. She texted us to say say and we waved from the window.

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  1. Skip Wegmans and go to Tops or Pricerite. They have stuff. There are a lot of people in this town who never shop anywhere but Wegmans. Rubinos in Ridge is a good bet. Those kids are killing people. No joke.

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