No Laughing

Modern house on Lake Road in Webster
Modern house on Lake Road in Webster

When we walked by this house a few days ago, before they swung the bridge open, the owners were out back overlooking the bay. They were talking to their neighbors in the next yard, laughing in the midst of a pandemic.

Our friend Steve, who lives down South and is still working, said he drove a car to a dealership in Savannah and passed Cracker Barrels still open for business.. He told us his former son-in-law was driving for Uber and then dropping his kids of at Steve’s.

I wear the same clothes everyday. I guess I always do that but at least I change it up when we go out. Our car is in the driveway right where we left it a week ago when we picked up our InstaCart groceries. We don’t go anywhere other than out for walks and people are wearing masks on the beach. There is yellow tape around the swing sets in the park. Our young neighbors are going stir crazy. Maybe its easier when you’re retired. I think about our friend in Brooklyn who has at least one other person in his apartment building with the virus. And what would life during a pandemic be like for our friends in the woods?

We still have the extra leaf in our table from our dinner party three weeks ago. The spare mattress is still out in the basement from when Steve Black was here. He told us he was pretty sure he had Sars while living in Singapore and it took him forever to shake it.

We have two friends who were planning to move to Spain. Something we have only dreamt about. That timing could not have been worse. But Spain will still be there when this over.

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