Counting The Acorns

East side of Durand Lake in October
East side of Durand Lake in October

It is so good to know there are still trails in Durand that we have not explored. We spotted one the other day and took it this morning. A rather steep path took us to a hilltop where we were imediatly challenged by a deer. I took it that way anyway. “What are you doing up here?”

I found a couple of those little pink flags, the ones mountain bikers use to mark a trail even though biking is not allowed on the trails. We stopped to admire a stand of white birch trees and found six or seven more deer sleeping in the brushwood. We had read that due to the lack of rain the deer won’t have enough to eat this winter. So protect your shrubs. The conditions are right for a good vintage of wine but the acorn count will be down.

Acorn Girl, written by Chuck Cuminale aka Colorblind James, performed by Pete LaBonne, recorded by Arpad Sekaris
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