Fake Fans

Soccer ball on beach at Durand Eastman
Soccer ball on beach at Durand Eastman

This soccer ball was washed up on beach this morning. I was wondering whether it came across from Toronto, the wind comes from that direction, or whether it was just left on the beach by someone here in Rochester. It looked pretty beat up.

We watched El Classico yesterday, the Real Madrid Barcelona match. We love both those teams but lately we love Madrid more and they won 3-1. Today we watched Athetico beat Real Betis so we’re all caught up with our favorite teams. The games during Covid are a little strange. I spend a lot of time thinking about how they do the fake fans. Is it all green screen trickery? And I get distracted by the sound engineer mixing old crowd noises in, one channel for the chanting, one for the applause and one the stadium din. We sometimes watch with the sound off but it is always fun to hear the extremely excitable announcers in Spanish. Maybe we’ll check in on the World Series tonight.

I ripped the cds I wanted to hang on to years ago but I kept a few, mostly ones I needed to listen to to determine if they were worth the effort. Now I don’t even have a CD player but there is a small portable one out in the garage. I out there painting this afternoon and I put on an Ornette Coleman boot, a live thing from Paris in 1965 with David Izenson and Charles Moffett. Ornette plays violin, trumpet and sax and all three players solo or sit out. Ornette’s violin sounds like the Contortions and Izenson spends quite a bit of the night bowing. The performance knocked me out. I played it twice in a row. It had been a while since I’ve done that.

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