Glass Half Full

Durand Beach looking west toward Charlotte in October
Durand Beach looking west toward Charlotte in October

While the president was on his steroid binge he issued a statement that his hospitalization and process of recovery was a “miracle from God coming down.”

If God really did come down he would force the president to watch “David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet.” Then, while under the influence, in his weakened state, the president would erratically switched gears and became an environmental leader, pushing us to take the simple, sustainable steps that will allow our earth to recover.

Attenborough, at 93, with sixty plus years as a naturalist, chronicles the destruction he has witnessed in his own lifetime and instead of hanging his head in shame he is an optimist. Not so much for mankind, but a true believer in nature’s ability to adapt, correct and move forward.This magical film on Netflix is his witness statement.

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