Living In A Dream

Dead shad fish along Lake Ontario
Dead shad fish along Lake Ontario

I’d like to think this fish died of old age. Even that though is not so pretty from what I have seen. But fish do die of natural causes and this guy washed up along the beach at Durand. Even natural causes are grizzly.

We took the newspaper, a bag of peanuts, our books and our devices down to the pool this afternoon. The sun was out and the temps were in the mid seventies. We started by skimming the leaves off the cover and then rolled that back, brushed the bottom and then skimmed newly fallen leaves from the pool surface.

In the pool we marveled at the gorgeous colors of the sassafras tree, one of the first to change around here, just after the sugar maples. The sporadic clouds were zipping across the blue sky and I was thinking about making a time lapse movie. The brought down more leaves and both Peggi and swam from one leaf to the next, scooping up red oak, tulip tree more sassafras leaves. We did this for twenty minutes or so and then got out and skimmed some more before putting the cover on.

“They’re living in a dream, and I’m preparing
to be a ghost.” – Louise Glück

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  1. “And what will you do,
    when it is your turn in the field with the God?” Louise Gluck

    “I think it would have been better to love no one than to love you.”
    Louise Gluck

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