William Kentridge still from Second Hand Reading
William Kentridge still from Second Hand Reading

With charcoal, ink and watercolor on the pages of a 1914 edition of Cassell’s Cyclopædia of Mechanics (mixed with the Oxford Dictionary) William Kentridge brings his book alive in this animated film. We watched the seven minute piece four times and if this pandemic wasn’t ongoing we would have stuck around for a few more viewings.

Alone in the dark viewing room with the big screen and Neo Muyanga’s South African funeral hymn Kentridge’s Second Hand Reading swept us away in some sort of unexplainable dream state. It is only on view til the end of the month so I would hurry over to the Eastman. And only if that is impossible would I recommend this bootlegged version.

We are so fortunate to have the Eastman here. Kentridge has already decided to donate the complete set of his films to the Museum and continues to astound.

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  1. This was in my horoscope today –
    “Creativity is intelligence having fun. – Albert Einstein”

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