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Skiing to the lake on the Ridge Trail
Skiing to the lake on the Ridge Trail

There is a glimpse of the lake in the center of the photo above. We were on what we call the “Ridge Trail.” We predate the color-coded trails though the park.

I shoveled the driveway and Peggi cleaned off the fire-pit seating and then we strapped on our skis. Avoiding the horseshoe stakes the horseshoe stakes we go downhill to Jared’s and around his pond, then across the street and into the woods. We zig zag down the big hill, skiing into the bank from side to side to slow our descent. Ten years ago we would take that thing head-on.

We’ve skied five days in a row now and last night’s snowfall freshened the trails for us. The log bridge over the creek is tricky. Sometimes we take our skis off to cross. Today we walked it on our skis. The woods to the park is often prettier than the park and today with the sun and snow it was gorgeous. After a mile we come out at the golf course. Today we went to the left and up the steep hill where we picked another trail, one that leads to the top of Marilyn’s Hill so called because we watched her ski straight down it. And there we picked up the Ridge Trail (above) that takes us all the way to the lake.

We took a few pictures of the turquoise water and followed the trail on the western side of Eastman Lake back. This is a birder’s haven and sure enough we saw birds along the shore. Eastman Lake ends with a marsh and there are usually a couple of swans in here but the lake has frozen over. We skied across the golf course again and around to the left where we picked up the trail back through the woods to house.

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