First 4D CD 1995
First 4D CD 1995

Are CDs recyclable? I’m putting a few hundred of them in our recycling bin tonight in the hopes that they are. I’ve already separated the paper from the plastic. This is the first cd Peggi and I wrote for our business, 4D Advertising. It is named after our nephew. The other nieces and nephews followed. I said we “wrote” but we didn’t have a cd writer at the time and they were not readily available. We hired Kevin Kondo to come up to our attic where we worked. He collected the files on an early removable hard drive and came back with a cd a few days later. We eventually bought our own writer and at some point removable hard drives to keep our backups on.

So what kind of clients were we working for back then? We were doing ads for A.R.T. They made all those rack mounted effects units. We did brochures for AAA Fabrication and Bristol Boarding. Both those jobs required photographing their products and facilities. The King All Stars was an album recorded in Rochester with the reunited James Brown band. I still have a Polaroid of Bootsy from those sessions.

We did a series of public transportation ads for LDA and ads for Light Impressions, the photography and framing company. NAM must have been the National Association of Music Merchants. Our friend, Bob, went to that every year with Whirlwind, the guitar cord company. Pelican Management booked working bands in all the local clubs. Plymouth photo was an old school passport/headshot photo studio downtown. The Refrigerator we did for kicks. Rohrbach Brewing, Rochester’s first micro brewery, was doing business out of the basement in the German House. We did introductory post cards and ads for WJZR when they first went on the air. I had put all this stuff out of my mind years ago.

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