Red Bull & Monster

Snoop Dog in Wegmans
Snoop Dog in Wegmans

A loud thump shook the house as we were reading the morning paper. As I suspected, one of the roofers working on our house had slipped on the metal sheeting and fell. Luckily he didn’t slide off the house. Our pitch is not that steep. It was the guy with red hair. It wasn’t red last week, he colored it over the weekend. When I asked him if he was the one that fell he didn’t answer. I have only heard him speak Spanish so I pantomimed a slip and pointed to him. He smiled.

They are hoping to be done with our roof this week. The dumpster was hauled away this morning while we were out for our walk. We knew it been moved because we found scrap pieces of our roofing in the road as we came down our street. It was completely full with old asphalt shingles, shards of metal and Red Bull and Monster cans.

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