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House with funky flag on Lake Breeze
House with funky flag on Lake Breeze

We had one the best skis of the winter this morning. There was fresh snow and the wind was howling so our tracks from yesterday had drifted over. The temperature was in the mid twenties so it wasn’t heroic or anything, just beautiful and wild. Ann, the ski coach from West Irondequoit and a yoga buddy from when we used to meet in public, was out on the course with crutches. We stopped to chat and learned she had broken her ankle. She slipped on the ice while wearing clogs. I was thinking that’s what you get for wearing those ugly ass shoes but I kept it to myself. She giving encouragement to her team as they whizzed by.

Yesterday’s ski was problematic but we pulled it off by avoiding the lowlands where the recent thaw left slush under the snow. We only missed one day of skiing during the meltdown and took advantage of the down time to walk up to Aman’s. We brought back a peck of 20 Ouncers and Peggi made applesauce.

We watched Paris Saint-Germain play Real Madrid in the Champion’s League last night, an edge of of your seat match that remained 0-0 until the sixth minute of stoppage time when Mbappé, playing along side Neymar and Messi, danced around Lucas Vasquez and put one past Thibaut Courtois They deserved the win.

We followed that up with “The Two Faces of January,” based on another Patricia Highsmith book, a psychological thriller. We were on the edge of our seat for that one too.

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