Carrol's Bar on East Main Street in Rochester, NY 2001
Carrol’s Bar on East Main Street in Rochester, NY 2001

We worked out of the house when we lived in the city and Carrol’s was at our corner. On St. Patty’s we’d walk up there for lunch. It was more crowded than usual but we could usually find a table to sit at. The woman shown on the left (above) made a mean corn beef sandwich. Bagpipe players would usually make an appearance and then move along to another Irish bar. I took this photo when the lunch hour was winding down, the staff was relaxing and the old timers were playin’ the classics.

When we moved further up Culver Road we would walk over to Shamrock Jack’s for lunch. It got more crowded each year so we would get there before noon. They put a tent up in the parking lot and hired bands to play. It was loud as hell. Busloads of people stumbled into the tent. They started charging 5 dollars to get in. We stopped going there.

The bridge across the outlet is still in operation in March so for a few years we walked a little further, into Webster to the Bayside Pub. Their corn beef sandwiches were better than Shamrock Jack’s. Way better. Peggi and I would bring a couple of beers, order sandwiches to go across the street and sit at one of those picnic tables overlooking the lake. This year Webster closed the restaurant to develop a park. We stayed home. We can hear the bands playing in the tent just by stepping out our door. I will have a Guinness later while we watch Barcelona play a team from Istanbul.

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