Worm Moon

Worm moon over Culver Ridge Plaza. Photo by Peggi Fournier.
Worm moon over Culver Ridge Plaza. Photo by Peggi Fournier.

Peggi was up at the crack of dawn and caught the Worm moon over Culver Ridge Plaza. It is aptly titled as I just watched a robin pull a worm out of the formerly frozen ground.

We dove into Warhol’s Diaries last night on Netflix. Did Warhol want these made public? If it was just the AI voice reading the diaries that would be one thing but I find it a bit uncomfortable watching Rupert Murdoch’s wife and former Factory hangers-on analyzing Warhol’s insecurities. I guess it’s all part of the full picture and he did open the door.

"Philosophy of Andy Warhol" with Campbell's soup can drawing and autograph.
“Philosophy of Andy Warhol” with Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can drawing and autograph.

2 Replies to “Worm Moon”

  1. I liked it. I’ve read his diaries a number of times, always in the winter. It makes perfect nite time reading. No struggling to get thru a chapter as your eyes are drooping, these little entries are like cocktail nuts. Have a few and call it a nite.

    I do like hearing the former associates who were close to him, putting things in their perspective. They all came off so flitty, immature & self-absorbed in the diaries. It’s interesting to see how much of that crazy experience has settled into a more mature perspective, years later. Except for Jerry Hall.

    I never expected so much wisdom from the restaurant owner, Mr Chow. “The Master hides his weakness, the Grand-Master uses his weakness”.

  2. Hmmm. I read the book Edie’about Edie Sedgewick during my own extended stay in Edie Sedgewick’s former Connecticut ‘sanatorium’ now known as The Silver Hill Foundation. I believe we were both in there — Edie and I — at around the same age and for similar ‘behavioral health’ issues. (though in different decades and of course, she was better looking). Upon finishing said bio of the brief tragic life of Edie, I was convinced that Warhol in relation at the very least to Edie was a channel for the devil and have felt so ever since. I last week watched one episode of the Netflix series you mention here, and must say this episode did not reverse my take on the man. Seeing how deeply he wished to be better looking and made of his face a Mask seemed utterly Satanic/Godlike and DorianGrayish to me. I wil be watching more of the series, however, which may reveal a crack in my harsh and unforgiving outlook on Warhol. 🙂 (And yes, my brother works with a lot of Warhol material with the Warhol museum and yes others ‘we’ know owned Warhold prints for years…(and recently sold them)… and yes, I saw the Warhol time capsule exhibit I think it was at GOMA in Brisbane a few years back, which did not soften me. . Edie died at 28. Life is as ever stranger and stranger… xxx ) Here’s a link I just found: https://edie.pink/silver-hill/

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