Modern Lovers

70's t-shirts on clothesline at Dartmouth Street apartment
70’s t-shirts on clothesline at Dartmouth Street apartment

In January of 1975 Peggi and I left Bloomington and moved to Rochester, where I grew up. We lived in an apartment in Tim Schapp‘s house on Dartmouth Street. Peggi worked in my uncle‘s supermarket when not working as a substitute teacher. She monitored a study hall in my brother Francis’s class. He had lived with us for a summer in Bloomington because my parent’s were having a hard time with him. I got a carpentry job and mowed lawns for a bunch of the neighbors on Dartmouth. I mowed Mr. Cohen’s lawn next door. You can see his house in the picture above.

I took a photo class at UR and wound up with a lot of black and white shots of mundane stuff around the house, like our laundry in the picture above. Interesting to see the entities we were willing to advertise for. These days I wear plain white Fruit of the Loom t-shirts all summer. I get them in six packs from Amazon.

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  1. Tim Schapp was one of te sweetest characters to ever wander into my life. It was impossible not to bask is his gap tooth grin. He frequently referenced his gayness as “in my church”. My son and I arrived in his apartment well after you and Peggi. In fact the timeline can be tagged to the release of Simon’s Graceland which i purchased and immediately played in the front room repeatedly and ever louder. When Tim knocked on the door (I had recently moved in) I figured I had pissed off the landlord. Instead he stepped in and we marveled at the sounds together,

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