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Sammy in neighbor's pine tree

It was gorgeous Fall afternoon, the perfect temperature to be outside. The leaves underfoot were about a foot deep and we were trying to keep the grizzly thoughts at bay while we searched the grounds for our neighbor’s Autumn colored cat. They had emailed in the morning that Sammy had not been seen since the plumber started making a racket yesterday afternoon. Sammy is pretty street savvy. She’d wandered the streets of New York and had travelled all the way from New Zealand in a box. She is big enough to defend herself but certainly not quick enough to outfox a coyote.

A few hours went by and then I spotted our neighbor loading a ladder into his car. Sammy had been found up a tree in another neighbor’s yard. These people have two white dogs who probably cornered Sammy. I put my neighborhood reporter hat on and went down the street to take a photo. Sammy was about about twenty feet up, out of reach with that ladder, so I went home to get ours, the one I used when we painted our city house five times. As I tried to nestle my ladder in the tree I scared Sammy and she came down a few limbs. I was able to throw a rope over the limb and we pulled it toward the earth. Sammy jumped about ten feet and landed softly.

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  1. andrea Says:

    once again, fantastic shot.

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