Detention For Skipping Detention

RL Thomass detention slips
RL Thomass detention slips

They really knew how to torture you in high school. Sitting in a room after school with nothing to do was about as bad as it got. Looks like I tried skipping detention and got another slip for cutting detention. I found a few of the pink slips in my old yearbook along with this entry from Melinda Lasher.

“Paul, Next year you’ll probably major in Math right? Or maybe English. (I must have been in those two classes with her) Course it wasn’t too bad for you ’cause you never even came. I never saw someone get away with skipping as much as you.”


2 Replies to “Detention For Skipping Detention”

  1. One of those slips was signed by Wayne Adams. He’s still in Webster – he’s retired from teaching and works part-time delivering flowers for Kittleberger’s, where my wife works.

  2. Somehow I was able to graduate in spite of skipping about half my classes and sleeping through the rest. I slept through geometry (it was an 8:00 class), was failing because I did no homework but aced the Regents (98- missed one question) so they had to pass me, apparently the law said that if you scored on the exam they had to give you a passing grade. The teacher, who was a friend of my mother’s, was pissed off!
    Sleep learning works!

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