Panic Attack!

Labor Day weekend always signals a sense of panic for me. We were going to take a sail on the big catamaran that’s docked down by the river. I think it’s called “Wild Hearts”. We were going to paint our house this summer and it’s only half done. We talked of taking a vacation but that didn’t really materialize. I was going to rework the Refrigerator so at least I can find stuff. I was reminded of that item last night when someone sent this.

Subject: whoever does this site…
You’re a f**king GENIUS man!!!! I absolutely LOVE the refrigerator.
I used to live in Rochester and after 16 politically correct, yuppy, whitebread years living in Seattle – I’m still homesick. Great stuff. Thanks!

And we definitely didn’t spend enough time down at the pool. So where did the summer go? I know you are supposed to take time off from labor this weekend but I feel like I have to work to get caught up.


2 Replies to “Panic Attack!”

  1. that’s one good thing about living in the bay area fog. You never have a summer so you never have to wonder where it went. It’s like being in a Bergman movie except it’s not in black and white. Anyway, you’ve been doing your blog all summer and that’s been pretty damn informative. i’ll send you my copy of The Feelin Good Handbook if this problem persists.

  2. I’ll tell ya what, next summer never mind the Wild Hearts sail. We have a sailboat down at Pultneyville Yacht Club & we spend most of the summer on it. You and Peggi are more than welcome anytime you want!

    I am having a great time reading all this stuff 🙂

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