Bald Spot

Deja Vu Party House on Ridge Road East in Rochester, New York
Deja Vu Party House on Ridge Road East in Rochester, New York

We drove out El Rincon in Sodus but they were closed. The website said they were open on Tuesdays but the place was dark and we were starved by the time we got there. Opened by the wife of what they used to call a migrant worker this place in the middle of miles of fruit orchards on the southern shore of Lake Ontario still has the best Mexican food around. Muy Tipico! The ride back did give me the opportunity to photograph this dreamy sign.

Speaking of dreams I awoke from one last night and scratched my head. I thought I felt what I imagined to be a deer tick, all bloated and engorged in my scalp. I didn’t want to wake Peggi so I put a piece of masking tape on the spot so that I would remember to have her take a look at it in the morning. Turned out to be just another mosquito bite but I couldn’t get the masking tape out of my hair so I left it in there. I had to take the car into Jeromes for new brakes and Mike, the mechanic, was showing me the corrosion on the parts he was going to have to remove when he interrupted his presentation to tell me I had a piece of tape in my hair. I told him I knew that but I was having a hard time getting it out. I tried swimming but that didn’t seem to loosen it so I just took a pair of scissors to it.

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