Conga players at the Rochester Public Market
Conga players at the Rochester Public Market

Couldn’t decide which picture from the Public Market to put up here – the live chickens or the conga players. We missed the Smokin’ Dopes somehow. I would have bought some of their cajun smoked salmon.

We were on pothole duty this morning. Most of the people on the street met at the corner at ten AM and we swept out 53 potholes that one of our neighbors (let’s call him the foreman) had identified. Then we dumped twelve bags of asphalt in the holes, tamped it down and sprinkled some stone grit on the spots so it wouldn’t stick to the bottom of car tires. We were done by eleven and it actually kind of fun. Nobody told us that we owned the road when we bought this place. It was only after we were moved in that someone someone told us it was a private road. Sounds kinda swanky but I have tar on my arms.

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  1. Our driveway is kinda like a private street. I’ve given up on the potholes, mostly. If the asphalt pulls away, I stick a plant in it. But think I’ll have to check out the bag approach! I received a bid to replace the asphalt with pavers. The bid was $56,000, and that didn’t include the carport area.

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