No Particular Place To Go

Gloden corn field in October
Gloden corn field in October

Any time is a good time to take a ride in the country but there is no better time than October. The hills are alive with color, the weather is warm enough to stop the car near a farmer’s field, a roadside stand or somewhere in a small town. Without the ferry our only option here is to head south and the Finger Lakes are somewhat of an obstacle for east/west travel so we often pick a lake and drive around it. But even that is really over planning.

It becomes pretty clear we have no idea what’s in our own backyard when you get down to Watkins Glen at the bottom of Seneca Lake. The tiny town is full of tourists from all over the world. We walked up the glen’s stream in the state park past waterfalls and 200-foot cliffs with an international crowd of smartphone photographers.

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  1. Wish I were there to go ridin’ around with you. I am spending all my spare time working even more than usual or hanging out in Indiana with the old folks, who are having a hard time.

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