No Lie

Local peaches at Aman's Market in Rochester, New York
Local peaches at Aman’s Market in Rochester, New York

My watch can be a little annoying, like when I’m riding my bike and I get a prompt to “work on my stand goal.” But yesterday I went through the express line at Wegman’s where a really young kid with a floppy afro was cashiering and with my wrist in the air I asked if he was familiar with Apple Pay. He said “just point your watch at the keypad” so I did and that was that. I was on my way.

We could hear a drum and bugle corps practicing while we were reading the Sunday paper. The high school is a few miles away but when the breeze is right you can hear the unison snares soaring over the woods. The school is right next to Wegmans so we rode back to the football field where the Buccaneers of Reading Pennsylvania were practicing for the big Labor Day competition at Rhinos Stadium. This is a lot more than snare drums. It’s like a musical marching army.

We had some peaches for dessert the other night and I said something about how good the local ones are and our friend, Jeff, told us a worker at a farm stand near him said “a late frost damaged all the peaches in New York State and if someone tells you they’re local, they’re lying.” Well, Aman’s Market is just down the road from the high school so we stopped in there next. We bought some more peaches and some prune plums. I planned on asking the owner if his peaches were really from Hamlin as the sign says but he wasn’t in. I’m ready to give them the benefit of the doubt. They don’t take Apple Pay though.

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  1. The peaches I’ve been getting at my regular Market vendor are usually theirs but this year they have been from Pennsylvania. Delicious though.

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