Leo Dodd painting of Corn Hill in Rochester, New York
Leo Dodd painting of Corn Hill in Rochester, New York

UR, formerly the U of R, started out in a cluster of buildings on University Avenue and wound up purchasing Oak Hill Country Club’s site on the Genesee River and moving their campus. Of course, as a historical marker on the site notes, those nine holes and swanky clubhouse were Native American settlements before that. UR has isolated itself out here with its fledgling College Town and the makings of another spread across the river.

UR is not that far away if you have all day to walk. We started downtown at the Broad street Bridge which formerly carried the Erie Canal across the Genesee River, and wandered through Corn Hill. At one point we found ourselves looking at the setting of my father’s 2015 watercolor, shown above. We worked our way down the west side of the river and crossed over it at Elmwood Avenue. As dreamy as the UR campus is, you are back in the South Wedge in no time at all.

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  1. Even though I walk to get around (no car), I still walk for pleasure and thatis a favorite route. Usually along the river path on the west side which actually takes you through a rare patch of woods in the city. I like that you’re seeking out interesting routes as you get ready for the long walk to Santiago de Compostela.

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