Knowledge Bump

Quonset hut house on Titus Avenue Rochester, New York
Quonset hut house on Titus Avenue Rochester, New York

The funky neighborhood south of Lake Bluff Road in Sea Breeze will surely come up some day. Maybe just after we leave, the way the triangle between East Main, Culver and Merchants came up just as we left. Not that I’d want to live in a neighborhood that has arrived. I’m just noting that it is under appreciated. And funky. 

There’s tiny houses with views of the lake, dead end streets surrounded by woods and an anything goes attitude to property management. 

We walk in here a lot. Sometimes we work our way up to the lake on Birch Hill Drive which skirts the edge of the park above Tamarack Swamp. We’ve even found a way to connect that end of that street, where you overlook the lake, to the dead end of Lake Bluff. This is Tom Sawyer stuff. 

Yesterday we found a street we had never been down before. Trelawne Drive. It too dead ends at cluster of homes, some of which have a view of the lake. Finding a new street is like the best part of a dream, the part where a whole new scene unfolds and you think, “I’ve got to remember how I got here.” It’s like finding out there is a new album of unreleased Eric Dolphy recordings. Thelonious Monk called the swollen protrusion on Dolphy’s forehead his “knowledge bump.”

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