State Of The World

Winter Aconite in snow out back 2022
Winter Aconite in snow out back 2022

The little flower that could, Winter Aconite, first identified by my father, has popped up through last night’s snow. Nearly all is right with the world.

Detail from "Brief History of the World" Vol. XXI
Detail from “Brief History of the World” Vol. XXI

I’m nearly finished with Volume XX! of “Brief History of the World.” It is a very slow process of gathering, weeding and juxtaposing. At the same time I’ve been digitizing another volume in preparation for its release as an eBook. The aproprieated images are arranged as spreads so the detail above is out of the admitedly abstract context. I’m also selecting a collection of the spreads from the 21 volumes to use in an upcoming digital presentation.

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