Beyond Beer

Yellow tape at construction site
Yellow tape at construction site

Genny Beer in the tall 12 ounce bottles used to be my go to summer beer. It tastes great right out of the bottle but the brewery only makes it in cans now. I used to have a beer a day, usually with our meal, but Peggi and I switched to NA beer a few months back and we are really enjoying comparing the various brands. Aman’s has a good selection and the full flavored German Clausthaler is our favorite over there. Saint Pauli has a delicious lager. It went well with the scallops we cooked over an open fire last night. Wegman’s carries Guiness’s NA and I pick up a four pack of that when we’re in there. I don’t think I could tell the difference between that and the original if I was out a bar.

We are so lucky to have a former Kodak chemist serving as president (janitor) of the street pool club this year. We were in charge for the last two years and the pandemic caused a chlorine shortage and it was out of balance all year. We have a few more collard greens to transplant to our garden and then we plan on getting in some pool time.

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  1. Lynne researched salt pools when we moved to our present home in Pittsford. One of the benefits of a salt system is, outside of opening the pool, *no chlorine* needed and the pool has never gone green. “Saltwater pools are a proven way to have a safe, effective, and convenient alternative to conventional chlorine pools, meaning: no more buying chlorine, shock, or algaecide; no more harsh chemical effects; and no more time lost on excessive pool maintenance.”

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