This Is Not OK

"It's Ok To Be White" sticker
“It’s Ok To Be White” sticker

I remember my mom calling my attention to a letter to the editor that my sister’s husband had written about how Whites (I’ve noticed they capitalize this word now) in his department at Kodak were being passed over for promotions so they could reach a quota for minorities. This sticker, at the corner of Culver and Durand, near the Parkside Diner, reminded me of that sad letter. It’s fun to sip coffee at the counter in there and pretend you’re back in the 50’s but why is the tv always tuned to Fox? I’m guessing one of their patrons slapped this sticker on the trash can.

So now we learn the Binghamton mass murderer considered Rochester before choosing Buffalo. I love both those cities. I cry for the innocent victims.

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  1. Yes, It’s Ok to be White, and it’s Ok to be Black. People Need to Travel the World a Little

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