Mom At Bat

Mary Tierney at bat at Mercy High School
Mary Tierney at bat at Mercy High School

My mom was sort of ambidextrous, writing with her right hand and batting left. There is a nun over her shoulder in the picture above and I’m guessing they forced her to write with her right hand. They did stuff like that but they made you tough. Gave you something to rebel against.

In her day there would be no question as what school a Catholic girl from the east side would go to. In my day, still an all girls school, the school had a bit of a reputation. Mercy girls were bad, as in desirable. I went to a few dances there. Today I think parents send their daughters there for discipline. And of course they still rebel.

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  1. Love those shoes . I still owned a pair from 1969 to 1975 . Wore them everywhere . Not a big hit with the girls in that time frame . Their loss.

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